10.00 – 22.00
tel. +74957448585
Kurakin Spa
26, str. Tverskaya, Moscow
Grand Hotel Marriott

Ladies and gentlemen! To make a phone call to the services of the Kurakin SPA beauty salon is possible only if there is a gift certificate of the salon, or only upon the recommendation of our client (the current member of the Kurakin Beauty club), who can confirm your reputation or you can call after joining «Kurakin Beauty», Gaining an annual membership.

If you are not a member of the "Kurakin Beauty" club, you can register in the Kurakin SPA salon by phone only after the preliminary payment, the chosen service, directly at the reception of the Kurakin SPA beauty salon.

If you live in the hotel "Grand Hotel Marriott", you can register by phone, after giving your name and room number booked at the hotel.