The beauty salon Kurakin SPA opened in 2002 and today does not need additional presentation. High level of professionals and beauty products of luxury brands for hair, face and body make our esteemed guests even more beautiful, well-groomed and happy. In the salon you can enjoy not only effective programs for face, body and hair care, you can order in the salon any drinks, as well as breakfast, lunch or dinner from the bar and restaurants of the Grand Hotel Marriott, which will save your valuable time spent with double pleasure.

The main cosmetic brands presented in Kurakin SPA: Carita (Paris), Eugene Perma (Paris), Decleor (Paris).


«Kurakin SPA» offers quality services for stylists and all kinds of hair care: women’s, men’s, children’s haircuts, styling, evening and wedding hairstyles, make-up. And also all types of staining, treatment, complex hair care — for women; Care for a mustache, a beard for men. Ombre, sombre — is the author’s method of «stretching hair color», which is an exclusive patented technology and has full priority in the territory of the Russian Federation. The author of «stretching hair color» — the leading hairdresser of the salon Sergey Kurakin.

«Stretch color» is designed for any age and for any kind of human activity. Thanks to this unique method of coloring, it is possible to highlight the brightness of the eye color favorably, emphasizing the individuality of any woman. A dark color is needed, but since in a one-color version the dark color looks boring, there should be light colors too. A light color will emphasize the complexion and hide its imperfections. The technology is as follows: a dark color — at the roots of the hair smoothly, along the entire length turns into a light one. The main advantages of stretching the color: dark color when the hair is growing will be invisible, and most importantly — the hair remains undamaged!
At your service are a team of well-educated certified stylists, who have been trained in the best hairdressing schools in the world.

All kinds of manicure and pedicure.


Kurakin SPA offers special professional face and body treatments for men and women, combining guaranteed results and incomparable pleasure. The experience of cosmetologists and spa therapists, accumulated over many years, is enclosed in every medium and every movement. Pilling, moisturizing, satin skin, detox, lifting, firmness and many other effective procedures from the legendary French brand.
Also in the salon, face and body treatments on Decleor (Paris) cosmetics are popular. Relax, harmony, smoothing, aroma, scrub and algal wrap (slag removal).

In parallel, you can get additional procedures:

Correction and dyeing of eyebrows and eyelashes, hair removal of any areas of the body.


Every person on the eve of holidays breaks his head — what to give to his relatives, loved ones and loved ones? We have already worked on this and have solved this serious problem for you! In fact, your beloved in these holidays must be made beautiful and beautiful! Therefore Kurakin SPA offers gift certificates for quality services.

The buyer of the certificate is also waiting for a nice gift!


Ladies and gentlemen, becoming a member of the club «Kurakin Beauty», you have the following privileges:

  • 25% for all services of Kurakin SPA
  • 25% for the entire range of products of beauty and goods presented in Kurakin SPA
  • For the members of the club «Kurakin Beauty» the salon is open from 07.00 am by prior appointment to the services you selected
  • 30% in the boutique of exclusive watches «Franck Muller Geneve»
  • Free of charge: high-end teas and coffees, snakes

The cost of annual membership in the club «Kurakin Beauty» – 50.000 rubles.


Ladies and gentlemen! To make a phone call to the services of the Kurakin SPA beauty salon is possible only if there is a gift certificate of the salon, or only upon the recommendation of our client (the current member of the Kurakin Beauty club), who can confirm your reputation or you can call after joining «Kurakin Beauty», Gaining an annual membership.

If you are not a member of the «Kurakin Beauty» club, you can register in the Kurakin SPA salon by phone only after the preliminary payment, the chosen service, directly at the reception of the Kurakin SPA beauty salon.

If you live in the hotel «Grand Hotel Marriott», you can register by phone, after giving your name and room number booked at the hotel.